ACSWA is an association of companies that promotes space weather risk mitigation for critical national infrastructure related to daily life, economic strength, and national security. These companies work with ACSWA to develop original data streams as well as value-added space weather products and services that benefit human and property safety as well as sustain vibrant commerce. Through ACSWA you can find the most qualified company to deliver the excellence in products and services you require to meet your space weather related needs. We invite you to click on the logos below to learn more about the capabilities offered by our members. The "Read more >" links lead to quad charts that provide a top level profile of the member's space weather capabilities as well as contact information. All the quad charts provided by members can also be found here.

AER logo Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)
AER offers unique weather, space weather, and climate R&D, consulting, and services as well as related remote sensing and forecast modeling expertise. AER has extensive expertise in developing algorithms and performing sensor engineering design trade-off studies for meteorological parameters measured by operational and research space-based sensors and systems, such as DMSP, NPOESS, C/NOFS, SCINDA, DSX, GOES-R, and EOS. We provide end-to-end expertise in sensors, ground systems, and warfighter products. AER science and data modeling underlie many of the forecast and observational systems used today by industry, governments and the military in the areas of weather, space weather, and climate. Read more >

ASTRA_logo_small.jpg Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates (ASTRA)
ASTRA is a space technology company with a foundation in fundamental space physics research. From this platform of research, we develop and deploy ground and space-based instrumentation for space weather monitoring used in Space Situational Awareness. Key services include modeling, simulation, data analysis, data assimilation and licensing of both software and hardware tools.

The core of our mission is to supply complex information to our customers in a meaningful way so that they can use it strategically to achieve their goals. The software, firmware, and hardware systems that we design and develop are tools suited to this same purpose.

Consequently, ASTRA is rapidly becoming known for its capabilities to develop a broad range of instrumentation including high frequency (HF) radars, HF radio and Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and satellite remote sensing. These systems are used to understand and specify the ionosphere and thermosphere of Earth and Mars.

Most recently, ASTRA successfully designed and launched two CubeSats for NSF’s DICE mission. The DIME mission is a DICE follow-on. Read more >
CRC_logo_small.png Carmel Research Center (CRC)
For more than 30 years, CRC has been at the forefront of of space physics and space weather innovation. CRC's physicists, computer scientists, and technologists work together to push the cutting edge of science and technology. Our core expertise includes simulations, modeling, and predictions for operational excellence. CRC is a service provider to spacecraft, aviation, astronauts, space-tourism, ground-based electric power, pipelines, etc. Our products and services include Operational Space Weather: modeling, forecasts, nowcasts, and historical analyses; Solar & Heliospheric Activity: coronal mass ejections, solar wind (including speed, density, temperature, pressures), shock waves, interplanetary magnetic field, Bz, solar energetic particles; Impacts: geomagnetic (Dst, Kp, AE, etc.), heliospheric, solar-interplanetary, solar-terrestrial, solar-planetary. Read more >
CPI_logo_small.jpg Computational Physics Inc. (CPI)
Founded in 1984, CPI has a long history of developing first principles physics models relevant to the ionosphere, thermosphere, and auroral zone. We also have performed algorithm development, sensor modeling, ground processing systems, as well as have calibration/validation experience that is applicable to a variety of space weather satellite instruments. CPI also has extensive experience in ionospheric irregularities and their impact on GPS measurements. Read more >
Flare_Forecast_logo_small.png Flare Forecast
Flare Forecast LLC is currently developing a space weather prediction system to meet the solar flare forecasting needs of our increasingly technological world. The system combines a broad range of solar data products and computer science algorithms to produce the most comprehensive and reliable forecasting system available. The system produces fully automated forecasts in near real-time (latency of ~30 minutes), is updated every 15 minutes, and is highly customizable. Read more >
geooptics_logo_small.png GeoOptics
GeoOptics is an environmental data company that will deliver a wealth of information about our changing planet to our customers -- in near real time.  GNSS-Radio Occultation is our foundational dataset for key applications that will include operational daily weather forecasting, space weather ionosopheric measurements, and long-term environmental monitoring and research.

GeoOptics was founded in 2005 by working scientists, engineers, and data users in response to the increasingly urgent need for actionable information about the state of our planet and the impacts of human activity on quality of life — and on Earth’s future.
inspace.jpg InSpace Inc.
InSpace develops technology and forms partnerships to meet the expanding space weather needs of industry and government. In particular, InSpace applies scientific and technical advances emerging from the research community to develop tailored products and services for the space weather and New Space industries. We specialize in developing innovative approaches to address the growing threats from geomagnetically induced currents, ionospheric scintillations, and energetic particle fluxes. We also aid large facilities in strategic and life-cycle planning, focused on the development of commercial applications and products that use facility resources, infrastructure, and data.
PlanetIQ_logo_small.png PlanetIQ, LLC
PlanetIQ is deploying a privately funded constellation of small satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to collect environmental & atmospheric observations from space. The data include measurements of Total Electron Count (TEC), Ionosphere Scintillations, the F-Region, and a number of in-situ properties such as electric & magnetic field vectors, and local charged particle properties. Most data will be made available in real-time using a relay via Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO). Data latencies will be under three (3) minutes, allowing unprecedented global space weather nowcasting. PlanetIQ will procure the systems and operate the constellation. PlanetIQ data is available to commercial and government customers worldwide.
PredSci_logo_small.png Predictive Science, Inc.
pra_logo.png Propagation Research Associates, Inc.
Propagation Research Associates, Inc. (PRA) is a small company with a highly motivated and innovative staff consisting of physicists, mathematicians, and electrical engineers. The company was established to develop solutions to today's problems in the defense and commercial sectors and has been successful due to its highly capable and flexible staff. At PRA, we focus on research, design, and development of algorithms and devices for improving signal propagation performance and capabilities for RF, infrared, and optical sensors. PRA develops cutting edge technologies for the U.S. Government and private industry.

PRA was founded on the development of remote sensing technology to characterize the refraction and turbulence in the troposphere. PRA evolved this capability into remote sensing in the ionosphere to provide a total electron count (TEC) for understanding radar frequency propagation phenomena in the ionosphere. Since these early technology developments, PRA has applied this capability to understand the impact of sensor handoff between radar sensors that are operating over large distances, the ability to use refraction to track over the horizon, and a methodology for quantifying tropospheric and ionospheric correlation effects between EO/IR sensors and radars.
Q-Up_Now_logo_small.png Q-up Now
Q-up, LLC located in Logan, Utah, is dedicated to serving the corporate radio network, amateur radio operator, and the emergency responder communities. Organized in 2011, it provides global, accurate, real-time and forecast high frequency (HF) radio propagation information that accounts for the known effects of dynamic space weather upon the ionosphere. Q-up also provides access to users for the GAIM data via the subscription page at its website. The Q-up team is comprised of scientists, engineers, and students in Logan, Utah who are associated with the Utah State University Space Weather Center (SWC). Read more >
SEC_logo_small.png Space Environment Corporation (SEC)
SEC was established in 1989 to develop software and hardwre solutions to space science and space weather needs. Our core expertise is in the development and deployment of upper atmosphere models and data analysis tools for space weather forecasts and specifications. Our full range of ionospheric models and data analysis programs are available for science and applications. These include the Ionospheric Forecast Model (IFM), Ionosphere Plasmasphere Model (IPM), Ionosphere Dynamics and Electrodynamics wth Data Assimilation (IDED-DA), the Data-Driven D Region Model (DDDR & AbbyNormal), and Realtime Storm Time Indices (RDST). These applications can address issues of GPS location corrections and accurate radio propagation predictions. Read more >
SET_logo_small.jpg Space Environment Technologies (SET)
SET has extensive capabilities in the areas of modeling and simulation of solar irradiances and indices, Dst, spacecraft charging, and satellite drag. The company has developed GOES-R instrument algorithms and a software tool to calculate the historical, real-time, and forecast solar irradiances. Other capabilities include planetary data analysis, radiation sensor hardware, operatinal space weather data products and services, operational systems development, and space systems standards development. Read more >
SHAlogo.png Space Hazards Applications
Space Hazards Applications (SHA) specializes in the physics and effects of space-weather. Space weather can disrupt electricity-transmission systems, causing transformer failures and power outages. It can damage satellites that provide essential services such as communication and business transactions. SHA provides research, guidance, and applications for overcoming space weather related problems. We solve these problems with an approach that combines our appreciation of the real world situations and understanding of the fundamental physical principals. We deliver practical solutions based on sound science.

SSI_logo_small.jpg Scientific Solutions, Inc. (SSI)
SSI offers Space Weather Instrumentation including Doppler imagers, calibrated photometers, spectral and hyperspectral imaging systems, and an imaging meridional spectrograph; all operated remotely and automatically using SSI’s client-server software. Data is collected, analyzed, and delivered to our Customers daily through our cloud based Airglow Server (Data as a Service - DaaS).

SSI pioneered the development of highly automated Doppler imagers capable of remotely sensing dynamical properties of the upper atmosphere, and currently operates and maintains 4 Doppler imagers at the Arecibo Observatory and 2 at the Millstone Hill Observatory; measuring neutral velocity and temperatures in the upper and lower thermosphere, and hydrogen and helium dynamics in the exosphere. Read more >
SpaceServicesInc_logo_small.png Space Services Holdings, Inc.
Space Services Holdings, Inc. is leading a team of established and entrepreneurial companies to investigate new commercial opportunities in space weather and remote telecommunications applications.
SAC_logo_small.jpg Storm Analysis Consultants (SAC)
SAC is the world’s leading consulting firm in the Analysis of Geomagnetic Storms, Space Weather, and Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and how they impact critical infrastructures, electric power grids, communication systems. We provide a range of services that include: Assessing and Modeling the Space Weather Threat Environment, Assessing Impact on Critical Infrastructures & Systems, Geomagnetic Storm NowCasting and Forecasting Technology tailored to the Electrical Power Industry, Simulate Historic and Probable Threat Scenarios, Model Complex Geologies for accurate GIC Calculation, Scalability of PowerCast to Model Large Geographic Regions and Multiple Interconnected Power Grids, Assessing Space Weather Threat Environment Over Broad Ocean Regions, Modeling Geo-potentials on cross undersea cables and Power Electronics for HVDC and FACTS applications and the development of the Electron Tube technology.
SWFTT_logo_small.png Space Weather For Today and Tomorrow (SWFTT)
SWFTT is a female and veteran owned Limited Liability Company (LLC) based out of Rio Rancho, New Mexico with an authorized operating location in Largo, Florida. Our combined Space Weather Forecasting experience totals twenty years in both the civilian and military sectors. SWFTT specializes in easy to understand tailored products for Commercial Space Flight programs as well as other industry professions seeking risk management from Space Weather effects. Products available from SWFTT include but are not limited to: Geomagnetic, Radiation, and Solar Activity Predictions and Forecasts, Effective Communication and Scintillation Forecasts, Total Solar Output Forecasts, and System Anomaly Assessments. Read more >
Weather-Analytics-Logo-Wings-small.png Weather Analytics
Weather Analytics answers global weather intelligence questions and provides solutions to businesses and organizations impacted by the state of the Earth's atmosphere and magnetosphere. Created in 2012, Weather Analytics covers 35 years of statistically-solid climate history, current and 7-day forecasts for all 196 countries and the oceans, on a 35x35 kilometer basis (1x1 kilometer in over 115 cities) with an hour-by-hour temporal resolution.

In addition, we have 35 years of solar and magnetospheric observations, covering interactions between the Sun and Earth. With a team of space physicists, meteorologists and data scientists, we leverage more than 50 times the data of any other source or providers to provide solutions for decision-making support in a variety of industries, including the energy, private space, insurance, retail and public sectors.