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The American Commercial Space Weather Association (ACSWA) is comprised of 19 companies with the common goal of developing, delivering, and sustaining key space weather products and services to mitigate threats to societal infrastructure. Space weather is a natural hazard that disrupts and damages modern systems, including electric power grids, airlines, global navigation, and satellite operations. ACSWA plays an essential role in the academic-governmental-commercial triad that forms the space weather enterprise. ACSWA companies provide the insight, innovation, and cost-benefit to our Nation’s preparedness and responsiveness to space weather threats. ACSWA helps protect America’s economic strength and national security.

ACSWA products and services include both data and technology needed for space weather resilience. Member companies develop value-added products and services informed by their unique relationship with industry partners and in-depth understanding of specific user needs. Contributions include risk and threat assessment, scientific discovery, data product development, numerical modeling and simulations, data assimilation, machine learning, enterprise IT, sensor response modeling, small satellite deployment, and development and operation of ground-based and space-based sensors. ACSWA companies also propose and deliver novel solutions such as data buys from commercially-owned observational platforms. These comprehensive contributions support space weather preparedness across the public and private sectors.

ACSWA is a collective voice for the commercial space weather sector and an advocate for the enterprise. Since its inception in 2010 beginning with five companies, ACSWA has quadrupled in size. ACSWA serves as a catalyst for collaboration between various organizations and the commercial space weather industry. ACSWA works with government agencies, academia, and industry stakeholders to strengthen the space weather enterprise and to promote space weather, space weather partnerships, and public/commercial initiatives.

A summary of the broad technical capabilities in space weather that are available from the association can be found in the capabilities section.

ACSWA – Building a strong space weather enterprise

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